I want you to be crazy ’cause you’re stupid baby when you’re sane

The head used to be too little to carry all the thoughts. Now it seems too big.  Just like the jeans, too big for the hips. Ideas are lost, covered, drowning in black water; it’s always night time now behind the eyes. Still there, they are. Surrounded by more darkness as the weak lights fade. They’re just slipping away, silently. Almost empty, wondering when the feeling of what is outside of the skin will be recovered, again; the mind only makes out foggy shapes nowadays. Awake or not, there’s no real difference anymore. As if the brain had been left on some shelf, can’t remember where, when. Everything seems clearer and clearer as the process goes along. Truth or illusion, can’t figure this out, not yet. So let it go and see what happens.


~ par godschizo sur 24 mars 2009.

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