let’s face it, i am just a customer

« let’s face IT, ultimately i am just a customer here and the world
is a big place though getting smaller by the minute and warmer
too if you believe the reports or look out of the window for the matter

and sitting here with a coffee and tea this waitress the temperature
starts rising inside as well – not that this will have an impact on me
long-term but it could get uncomfortable for a bit. »

« like i just thought it IS getting hotter in here with her giving me
all her attention and i don’t need any right now, i am fine.
if i wanted any i could slap my shoes on the counter like comrade

chruchov during the cold war which is an aptly named period
when you look back on it and in sharp contrast to the hot
temperature i currently find myself in. »

« she was definitely got got hots for me and i feel that as a
paying customer i should be in charge but NO, i feel powerless
in this situation- it is a bit of a stand-off like between china and america:

always wondered if the chinese being in greater numerbs than the americans
do feel powerful knowing the other party is on average taller – would that
influence any decision making at all on the powerstruggle front i wonder. »

« that is just so typical and i thought nobody cared about lower
mathematics, there is two of them and so i find myself outnumbered,
GOOD riddance i say, these power games on this level are not for me.

turnig the other cheek is a healthy reaction and as a pacifist that
would be my answer to to this kind of situation,
let me see if it gets any colder in here now. »


~ par godschizo sur 2 décembre 2008.

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